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There are lots of misconceptions about  community-based learning. Some people think it is just a fancy name for service learning, but it is actually a lot more. Some people have trouble imagining how it is rigorous, but because it motivates students and challenges them to make connections they otherwise wouldn’t, it is very challenging. Some people think it is only for sociology classes and it is always about social justice.

So I was really pleased that UR News did a great story on one of our CBL classes from this year’s CBL Fellows. The story of this class–and the student comments–help show how community-based learning works here at UR, and how it is different from service learning, but gets at some of the same goals. It was an honest to goodness literature class, and it used a variety of connections to the community, some of which weren’t even covered in the article. (Some of the students gave a poetry reading at the local VA hospital for their final project, for instance.)
And, dearest to my heart, is the comment by the professors that they actually discovered new insights themselves because they taught the class this way. Nice.


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