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With change comes new opportunities and new challenges. Moving this blog has been a bumpy process that I haven’t had much time to attend to while the rest of my life had been equally bumpy. Here are some things I have learned in the last 3 months:
1. It takes all of six months in a new job to really feel like you know what you are doing
2. Allergies to pain meds and anaesthesia make a little broken bone surgery more eventful than one might hope.
3. A good physical therapist is a priceless treasure, and Monica at West End Orthopaedicis certainly the best. My elbow is working again : )
4. The eldest going off to college is NOT made easier by the mere fact of working at a college myself.
5. Three quarters of a semester in college is apparently not enough education to teach a person how to make travel plans that also include a way back to said college campus after the break is over.
6. Miracles abound. Try to get a plane ticket to Vermont any time, let alone buying on Thanksgiving Day for travel on thanksgiving Sunday. And yet–we got him a cheap-ish flight routed through Charlotte to get to Albany NY which is darn close. Hallelujah.

And now, in celebration of miracles large and small, I am using a beautiful new picture in my blog banner. Thank you to “SaltyGrease” who posted this pic on Flickr.


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