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OLDaily mentions the speech Brown made at MIT and some comments made on it on other blogs. Intrigued partly because Kevin just mentioned this guy to me, I followed the links to a CNET article

on the speech. One of my favorite quotes is: “”With every new piece of technology, to make this technology work, you have to change your teaching practices,” Seely Brown said. “Part of it is (thinking about) how to go from sage on the stage to being a real mentor.” In Faculty Development circles we say “guide on the side” instead of “real mentor” for the rhythm and rhyme but the point is the same. I am happy when innovative technology tools and good teaching practice meet : )


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wikis wikis wikis

An interesting article in Edutopia describes a class using a wiki in much the same way that I have been considering for my ENG 383 class this spring. A class in America has joined in a wiki with a class in Bangladesh. I’m in discussion with Joe Essid here and some folks at Bilkent University in Turkey to see if we can create a wiki to support a writing center at that university.

My students last spring were wonderful and created a wiki to support folks who want to start writing centers in high schools. That wiki is linked on wikipedia, and its url is: http://learning.richmond.edu/twiki/bin/view/HSWritingCenters/WebHome

Local schools in Henrico County are now looking at the wiki, and one middle school with an IB program is going to try to start a center! My old students (now tutors in our writing center) have volunteered to help with the training for the middle school peer tutors. Jon Morris in Henrico is heading up this effort.  He has a site in progress for the program, which is really impressive.  If our wiki with Bilkent doesn’t work out as our project, I imagine we might find more ways to work with the talented and energetic folks in Henrico.  Collaboration is cool : )

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